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Avon is one of the most recognized brands in the world today. The name Avon is derived from Stratford on Avon, the hometown of William Shakespeare. He was the favorite writer of the founder of the company. Avon today is a global brand that an Avon lipstick is sold every second around the world. Although you may be quite familiar with Avon, here are two things you might find interesting about Avon and Avon Atlanta.

First, Avon is one of the most successful companies across the globe and for generations. Its way of helping women find their own place in business that allows them to define their own success has been one of the core competencies of the company ever since. In fact, you might find in surprising that the first Avon representative was 50 years old when she started selling Avon perfumes for the company. This was way back in 1886. Her name is Mrs. P.F.E Albee. She was from New Hampshire. Today, there are around 420,000 sales representatives of Avon across the country. Avon Atlanta similarly offers the same opportunities to women regardless of their age and background.

Second, for causes that are important to women, Avon has donated more than $800 million in more than 50 countries. Avon atlanta has similarly contributed to the community. This distinguishes it from the other beauty supply stores in Georgia. Compared with the other beauty supply stores in decatur ga, Avon Atlanta is part of the community as it supports local and statewide programs. This is another reason why Avon has able to survive many challenges since it was first established more than a century ago. To see more, read this.

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