3 Amazing Gifts Perfect for Graduating High School Seniors

Womens footed pjs

Right about now, high school seniors are getting their acceptance letters to various schools around the country, and several rounds of graduation invites are going out. You may be wondering, then, just what makes an appropriate gift for your friend?s daughter, your sister?s son, etc.

You might not want to settle for cash alone — cash is great and all, and they?ll certainly use it in college, but you want something a bit more personal so that they feel supported through the next several years.

What?s a great, unique gift for a graduating senior about to embark into the big world? Here?s a items that would make amazing (and not too expensive!) gifts.

1. Dorm Trunk

Space and storage are always at a premium in college. One thing you can consider purchasing your senior is a fashionable dorm trunk — you?ve seen the sort. Not only are they great at stashing clothes, books, or other belongings, but they?re sturdy enough to serve as a seating area or tabletop as well, depending on what the student needs. They?re also a lot more glamorous looking than the typical $5 plastic crates they?ll have to use otherwise.

2. Footed Pajamas Adults

Did you know that 74% of Americans wear pajamas to bed? College is all about being unique and standing out from the crowd. Kids love things like adult pajama onesies because it gives them a way to showcase their uniqueness, while also serving an important purpose. College students do a lot of sleeping, after all! Footed pajamas for adults are a great send-off gift to give to any graduating student.

3. Coffee Gear

If there?s one thing college kids love, it?s caffeine! But how many of them, after coming from their parents? home, really have the gear for brewing it? Consider getting this grad a ?starter pack? of all the essentials they?ll need, like a french press, a bag or two of your favorite coffees, and maybe a few high quality mugs as well (perhaps mugs that are from local stores so that they?ll have a great reminder of home to take with them!).

What would you recommend giving to a graduating high school student? Do you think footed pajamas adults use, coffee gear, or dorm trunks would work for who you have in mind? Let us know! Helpful info also found here.

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