Are Cars Dangerous? – NASCAR Race Cars

The nistration metric is commonly used to measure safety for every vehicle. It isn’t as exact as it is believed to be? Are vehicles more hazardous than we thought? This video will prove it.

Reparations to a car accident can be painful, but are part of everyday life. Nearly everyone will be in some minor incident at some moment or the other in their lives. A majority of accidents will not be serious. Yet, around 30,000 passed away in 202 automobile crash. This is a surprising amount. Even after the many safety technology in vehicles of today but it’s an unsettling number.

Safety ratings are not perfect. They are not able to account for different body types. Certain types of people are more vulnerable to injuries from collisions than others. As an example, females tend to be more likely get injured. Similarly, an overweight individual has a higher chance of being injured than a healthy individual. Tests for safety have never conducted crash tests in a way that is appropriate for anything other than the common male.


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