Make a Difference for People and the Environment — Charitable Clothing Donations

Written by Direct Shopping Network on July 13, 2016. Posted in Clothes donation, Military donations, Military support

Clothes donations

Are you one of millions of Americans who are clothing aficionados? Every day, a large amount of clothes are bought in the country, and they go a long way towards satisfying the tastes and interests of those people who like trying new clothes and making a fashion statement on a daily basis. But, have you ever wondered what happens to your old clothes? Research has shown that every year, about 12 million of clothes and textile waste is thrown out in America.

What many people do not realize is that clothes and textile material are recyclable, and old clothes can be reused or sold if they are sent to the proper place. In a world where green practices are fast becoming the norm because of environmental concerns, throwing away your old clothes are no longer an environmentally friendly option. Your old cl