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  • Dress More Like a Professional; Improve Your Style With These 3 Tips

    So many young men are entering their professional careers and it’s an exciting time for them. In college, the way young men dress has little value due to the stresses of college itself. After graduation, however, it’s time to get more serious about your wardrobe and start dressing more professionally. There are many things young…

  • An Interview with Jonathan Mervis, Chief Growth Officer of Mervis Diamond Importers

    For almost 80 years, the Mervis family has dedicated itself exclusively to diamonds and diamond jewelry, first in South Africa, and now from three locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We sat down to talk with Jonathan Mervis, Chief Growth Officer with Mervis Diamond Importers, about what makes a diamond such a remarkable gift.…

  • Cabin furniture —- Free Videos

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  • Sunglass lens replacement —- [FREE VIDEO]

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  • Custom design t-shirts —- Watch

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  • Whirlpool double oven —- [FREE VIDEO]

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  • Ge slide in range —- FREE VIDEO

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  • Customized t shirts —- Free Videos

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  • Getting Your Gear From Home Network Shopping

    Culturally, there is nothing more unique than the ability to do things from home. More and more people have begun telecommuting, or working from home, because all it takes is a simple click of a mouse and a Wi-Fi connection. But a dependable, time-honored tradition for households in every corner of the country has been…

  • Top Three Reasons That You Should Be Using Home Shopping Networks

    Although they might seem like a thing of the past shopping network channels are actually making a comeback. There are just as many shopping networks on TV as there have been in the past and they are beginning to sell a wide variety of products. Here are a few reasons to think about making your…