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Your teeth, and overall health is at risk. If you are in poor health and are not treating your teeth, it could be accumulating in your teeth over the course of time. The buildup of plaque can lead to all sorts of issues, including gum disease , cavities, and tooth decay to name a few. Plaque isn’t easy to eradicate as well. It is actually a biofilm that shields your body from harmful bacteria beneath. Plaque is vital for the bacteria’s development. This is problematic because bacteria produce harmful acids that is able to break down calcium that has been stored in the teeth. This eventually leads to the formation of cavities. How can you prevent this from happening? This video will show you how.

Start by listening to what your dentist has been telling you for many several years. The regular cleaning of your teeth should be completed daily, at least 2 times per each day. It is recommended to floss at least two times a day. There is a trick you can employ to boost the hygiene of your mouth. It’s an easy mixture of baking soda , hydrogen peroxide, mixed with water. Take exactly 1/4 teaspoons of each to mix in with 1/2 Cup of drinking water. It will replicate the body’s natural enzymes and reduce harmful bacteria and plaque. This mixture will be a boon for your mouth.


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