Engraving Stones for Various Reasons

Custom engraved stones

Mankind has been engraving rocks for centuries, but the guy who invented the so called “Pet Rock” made $2 million off his idea. His name was Gary Dahl, by the way. Ancient man was not into rock engraving to make money. They usually used rock engraving as a medium for communications at first. Modern man uses rock engraving to create objects of art, such as the garden stones and such to put around in your garden for decorations. One of the most popular things to have engraved is a kanjis or other symbol. Engraved stones in the garden are some of the most creative garden art ideas you can find.

People also use rock engraving services when they want stones to memorialize a family pet or even a loved one. Think of all the dog memorial stones you may have even seen yourself. Now, if you are looking for unique wedding gifts or some ideas for quirky gifts rock engraving may be just the thing. Custom engraved stones are some of the best and most unusual gifts you can give. When you give engraved stones for a gift, the recipient will think of you each time they look at the stone too.

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