Furnish Your Home With Timeless Class and Elegance

Ghost chairs for sale

Do you love classic furniture with a touch of modernity? Then you will probably love the classic furniture that you can find from many designer furniture retailers. From the Eames Lounge Chair, to Ghost Chairs, to Noguchi coffee tables, you can find elegant, classy, modern chic pieces at high end furniture stores.

Many people buy Eames Lounge Chairs and ottomans to decorate their office or home with a sophisticated blend of black leather and molded plywood. The chair was first created by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller Furniture Company to provide comfort, as well as style, to any setting. These designer chairs have become an icon in luxury furnishings, and are featured as part of a permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Their design and luxury signify a dramatic change from the first office chair, invented by Charles Darwin. He put wheels on his armchair so that he could get around his office faster.

In many ways, Noguchi tables mimic the modern classic design of the Eames Lounge Chair. These tables were created by industrial designer and artist, Isamu Noguchi. He first created a similar table for the Museum of Modern Art, but Herman Miller was fascinated by his table, and asked for Noguchi to manufacture a table for his company as well. The result was a table with a base typically made from walnut, created by connecting two identically carved pieces of curved wood. The curved wood pieces are extremely sturdy, and they are fitted with a heavy glass plate on top. Even though this table is considered a modern classic, it is relatively affordable and widely available.

You might also be interested in the Ghost Chair if you prefer minimalistic design. These designer chairs were reinvented from Louis XVI’s classic armchair. These chairs are made from translucent injection-molded polycarbonate, and are often used both indoors and outdoors. Because they are clear, they can be the perfect accent to a white or light-colored table with similar neutral dinnerware. In an outdoor space, these designer chairs can blend in with a patio or deck, and can be extremely convenient, as their design allows for easy stacking.

Whether you choose any of these modern classical furnishings, you will be able to create rooms in your house that any visitor will envy. With the style and grace these modern pieces offer, you will have the best decorated home on the block.

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