Hose Clamps Can Be Very Helpful

Hose clamps

Screw clamps are stainless hose clamps that consist of stainless steel band that has had a screw thread pattern cut out of it. One end of the hose clamp band contains a captive screw. The clamp is put around the hose or tube and then is connected while the loose end is being fed into a narrow space between the band and the captive screw. This type of clamp was invented in 1921 by ex Royal Navy Commander, Lumley Robinson.

Hose clamps are devices that are used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting such as a barb or a nipple. Hose clamps can also be known as hose clips. There is also a decent sized selections of different types of large hose clamps that one can choose from.

Wire clamps, another one of the different types of hose clamps, consist of a piece of heavy wire, typically steel, first bent into a tight U shape, and then is formed into a ring shape with one end overlapping the other, and finally the ends bent outwards and cut. A captive nut is applied to one end of the clamp and a captive screw is applied to the other end.

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