How Accessible is Direct Shopping Networks Online?

Direct shopping networks

Many people enjoy home shopping. It can be enjoyable to watch a program about a product and get a really in depth explanation about something. Shopping network channels always specialized in showing unique products as well, that would be difficult to find in local stores. In the past, shopping networks on tv were the only way to access home shopping. Now, however, shopping can also be done from home online. Many of the shopping networks have online sites. Today, I will review the Direct Shopping Networks website.

The Direct Shopping Networks website could definitely be improved upon, as it is not up to par with the professional appearance of their home network shopping television channel. At the top, many of the available links, or possibly images, are broken, and only show up as a question mark. The site is at least not difficult to read and is mostly in a single, unified font.

However, the Direct Shopping Networks site is probably in need of an overhaul and has the outdated look of a website designed in the late 90s. There is little thought given to presentation or formatting. That design format had its time, but at this point Direct Shopping might lose valuable online customers if it does not step up its web game. Research shows that, while older patrons are not affected by website appearance, younger online users have grown up with the internet and dislike, and are even distrustful, of sites that do not appear functional and streamlined like other sites they frequent.

There is a bunch of text underneath the main image that is basically run on sentences of information. If these are points Direct shopping network wants its consumers to be aware of, it should display them more prominently! It is useful information that many people would find pertinent. It might also be useful to include links to information about the products, rather than simply stating facts.

If you click on the link to view the Direct Shopping Networks site live, this page does appear more professional,although it has similar issues with multiple broken links.

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