How to Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel – Family Picture Ideas

Mantle Mantle

The next step is to place your mantle on top of the fireplace. It is usually about attaching the mantle to the wall with brackets or screws. Before you install the mantle, it’s feasible to have to clear out any obstructions or mantles. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines and be careful around fireplaces.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Take into consideration the materials you select for your fireplace’s mantle if you plan to heat the mantle. Certain materials, for instance, specific types of wood or composite materials, will not be suitable to be used close to a fireplace.

Consider the size and weight of the mantle before planning the installation. To ensure the mantle’s support it may be necessary build a wall to support it or install additional supports.

If you’re not confident doing woodworking or house renovations, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help with the building of your mantle. It is possible to engage an industrial contractor or other expert to assist with designing, selecting materials and construction.

It’s possible that you can build a mantle if you don’t possess a fireplace. You can install an fireplace insert, or you can use one of the mantels as an ornamental piece that stands alone.

Be sure to purchase wood, as well as other items for your fireplace , to make sure it runs smoothly. It is possible to purchase firewood from local sources or use a firewood processor to make your own. Glass patio enclosures can be a good option for protecting your home against the elements while you enjoy your fireplace.

For security and safety, make sure your fireplace and heating systems are maintained properly. It is possible that you will need to schedule regular heating oil service or kerosene service, or you may need to


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