How to Get Camouflage Clothing

Pink camouflage purses

Camouflage first became popular in the military during World War I, especially among the United States Army. In the armed forces, camouflage is not only used to disguise and hide ground forces, but battleships, tanks, airplanes and other military equipment as well. However, camouflage is not exclusively used by the military; many stores across the country sell ladies camouflage clothing, camo baby bedding sets, camo purses and handbags and even cam seat covers for cars.

On that note, camouflage is a very popular textile. Because it can help the military hide, many people use it for hunting as well. Camouflage clothing is sold in a number of sporting goods stores because of how much it benefits hunters who want to stay hidden from their prey. Plus, many hunters associate camouflage apparel with their hobby, so camouflage apparel and car accessories are popular as well.

In 1942, Grant Wood and Jacques Villon, two artists, created patterns that were widely used for camouflage by the U.S. Military. No one expected the impact to be so profound; in 2013, camouflage is one of the most popular designs for apparel. Just recently, Congress passed a $106 billion emergency war-spending bill to provide 70,000 camouflage uniforms for troops in Afghanistan.

At the end of the day, ladies camouflage clothing, camo formal wear and other camouflage clothing are immensely popular, not only among hunters and the hunting community, but many other Americans as well, as proven by the amount of camouflage clothing sold in stores across the country. Helpful sites.

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