Ideas for a Simple Backyard Wedding Reception – My Maternity Photography

It should reflect your individual style. Pick a theme that you are passionate about and design your décor around it. This is a comprehensive review of some concepts you can think about.

the. Rustic

If you’re planning a rustic backyard wedding reception, you should begin with choosing a palette of colors. Natural colors such as white, brown, and green make great selections. Add a splash of color with the attire of your wedding guests as well as your floral arrangements. In rustic weddings, Mason jars work well. Then fill them with wildflowers and candles, and set them in the middle of the venue. String lights are a must! These will add an amazing touch to the rustic wedding reception.

B. Bohemian

Think about using a simple color palette for a bohemian-inspired backyard reception. Whites, creams, as well as pastels are great choices. Add texture by adding burlap and lace. Macrame could also become a favorite alternative in bohemian weddings. It can be used as an elegant table runner or hangs on trees for a unique look and texture to your decor. Lighting, candles, and fairy lights will add to the romantic ambience of your celebration.

c. Vintage

Your efforts should be focused on antique and thrift decorations If you’re planning an antique garden reception for your wedding. You can think about using neutral shades such as grey, blush and navy. Consider looking for old furniture and accessories that you are able to incorporate into your interior. There are plenty of options online and in local thrift shops. Don’t forget to add some personal touches, like family photos or heirlooms.


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