Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink? – News Articles About Health

Because most people have safe drinking water, regardless of whether it’s bottled waters or tap water. Wells in the ground are a different scenario. They can sometimes have harmful substances that are unsafe to consume. Make sure that your water is examined by a certified professional or have a filter put in place. This video will explain what the distinction is between tap and bottles of water.

Water bottles are a frequent selection for a lot of Americans. It’s a waste of money. They market it as having high mineral content and originating from a far off place. But, in reality, it’s the same as tap water. Tap water can also have minerals added to it. It is safer than water from a bottle for the majority of applications. Because it’s more highly regulated than bottled water. It is less expensive than purchasing bottled water, as well as saving you costs. Think about buying a filter that is made of the highest quality before switching on tap water.


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