Keep Your Leather Items Looking Great with These 5 Tips

Ladies leather handbags

Leather is a very popular material for clothes, bags and shoes. In fact, at any given time, the average person is probably wearing at least four items made of leather. It is also a very versatile material that has served many purposes over the years. It was used on boats as sails back during the time of the Roman Empire. Back then, it was also used for tents, weapons, body armor and a host of other household purposes. It was not until about one thousand years later that Egyptian women started using leather in their fashion. One of the most popular uses for the versatile and durable material is for bags. Leather tote bags for women and men are popular items, for instance.

Proper care for fine leather goods and clothing and personal items can keep it looking great for a long time. While it can last a long time and resist damage that can destroy other materials, proper care is essential at helping it maintain its appearance. Here are some tips to keeping your tote bags for women and men looking their best.

  1. Use a leather protectant. When you first bring your leather items home, before you have a chance to take your leather tote bags for women out and about, apply a light leather protectant. You can buy a spray or other kind of product to protect your leather items from the elements and from accidental stains. Many of these products will claim to make your leather items completely waterproof. This is not exactly true. While they will make your leather wallet or other leather goods handle water better, nothing will make them totally waterproof. You can buy leather protectant products at a leather store or at your local drug store. It is sold all over. They key is to get it on your leather items before they get wet.
  2. Clean your leather twice a year. Leather is a beautiful material that can be used for a wide variety of purposes but it does absorb grease and oils more readily than other materials. Before you have had a chance to apply a leather protectant, you should take care to handle your leather tote bags for women and men only with clean hands. When possible, you should wash your hands before you handle any of your leather items. This may not be realistic when you are talking about your leather wallet or leather keychains but most other leather clothing can be kept clean this way. Clean your leather products every six months or so, keep an eye on them to see how often you need to do this.
  3. You can soften your leather items. Most leather products do soften over time and by themselves but if you would like to speed up that process, you can. Take your tote bagsfor women or men and lay them flay on a clean surface. Start on one end and roll up the items. If you are working on leather pants, start at the ankle. Once you have rolled it up, unroll it, turn it over, and repeat from the other side. Next, turn the item inside out and repeat the rolling process. You can do this until you get the result you are looking for.
  4. Do not stress when your leather goods show their age. As you use your leather totes for women or men or wear your leather jacket, it is inevitable that the signs of age will begin to show. Leather ages better than other materials. The creases and darkening that will happen naturally just give your items more character. Embrace them as a natural part of your leather goods’ lifecycle. These creases and marks make them unique.
  5. Know when to get help from a professional. When we like an item, we want to use it a lot. The more we use something, the higher the chances are that we will spill something on it. When that happens, it is important to take leather items to a specialist to clean the stains. Treating them at home will only make them look worse.

Leather is a luxurious, versatile and durable material. The proper care can keep it looking great.

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