Pre Tension vs. Post Tension Concrete – Work Flow Management

no-crack concrete. There is plenty of discussion about the subject but the reality is that it’s feasible to make excellent quality concrete with no cracks. This video will explain what the distinction is between post-tension and pre-tensioned concrete.

Concrete that is pre-tensioned is strengthened using steel wires, before concrete is poured. The tensioning process aids in limit cracks while giving concrete with a strong strength. This reduces shrinkage of concrete during the cure. A small structure is typically constructed using pretension concrete.

When the strands of concrete connect through a conduit before being removed, it’s called post-tension concrete. The strands are tightened to create a solid bonds between the concrete as well as the steel. This is the technique to use for a lot of large concrete structures such as bridges, buildings and other structures.

Pre tensioning is cost effective and efficient. It’s the reason why it is popular within the construction sector. Post tension is the most costly option. It’s nevertheless more efficient and durable.

There are numerous advantages to each type of concrete and they are equally beneficial. Budget of the contractor and the type of structure are key factors.


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