Rentals For Parties Have the Best For Your Guests

Tablecloth and chair cover rentals

There are so many factors to consider when you are organizing a party. Everything from the menu, to the decorations, to the logistics of the day itself become complicated all at once! Whether its a huge birthday bash, a wedding reception, or a midsummer’s fete, the party should be special and amazing.

While most people only see the magical results on the day of the party, what they don’t realize is that those results were painstakingly achieved by the host and party planner. And what they also may not realize is one of the secrets to planning a great party: rentals.

That’s right — everything from the dance floor to the tent to the tables and chairs were most likely rented to create the awesome party vibe. Something else that was probably rented: the linens. While the linens and wedding tablecloths at the last wedding you went to might not have particularly stood out, they definitely formed an important backdrop to the meal and your wine glass.

Renting specialty linen can be used to make a day seem as luxurious and as lovely as you want it to be, and as unique too. Try choosing unique prints to give off a specific vibe. Linens like chevron, zigzig, or checkered are excellent for spring and summer weddings, and pair well with a rustic-chic wedding. The same goes for other type of events, too!

Texture is important to consider in rental linens, as well. Petals, rosettes, and lace are considered textured linens, and are available in overlays as well as in full linens. These can really stand out in wedding photos, and make every table seem like a mini exhibit of beauty on its own.

Think out of the box, and don’t be afraid to mix too seemingly dissonant fabrics! For instance, lace over burlap gives a really nice earthy blend with some delicate elegance.

Rental linens take care of themselves — the company will clean them after the event, and most policies protect against the normal stains, like from wood, wine and candle wax. It’s important to remember when ordering linens from the linen rental companies that you should have an approximate guest count and the measurements for the tables.

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