Roofing Terminology You Need to Communicate With Roofing Companies – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

If you’ve never been required to replace or fix your roof, it’s possible that you don’t know what your roof’s structure works. For you to successfully communicate with the company that you choose for the service the roof demands in order to get the job done, you must be able to use fundamental roofing terms. This video will give you a thorough introduction to roofing concepts, as well as help you understand how to talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

In the beginning the first step, you must be able to speak about the slope of your roof. Roof slopes are described in terms of their pitch or steepness. The roof’s pitch might be 10-12 or even 18-12. The majority of the time, numbers higher are indicative of more steep roofs.

It is important for you to understand various roof components such as drip edges, drip edges gutter vents, fascias and Gable vents. All of these roof elements are accessible from the outside of your home and are located below the shingles themselves. Flashing and other components of the roof, such as the deck or moisture barrier, can be concealed under roofing material. They are all used together to prevent moisture from your attic. nttpye2i3f.

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