The Best Way to Outfit Your Employees

Shirt printing

Customized shirts have become so easily accessible that they’re popular for everything from volunteer organizations to sororities and fraternities. Perhaps the most frequent patrons of the shirt printing industry, however, are businesses looking for custom work shirts. Customized shirts are ideal for helping customers to identify employees, and they’re often relatively inexpensive.

Selecting a method for printing custom work shirts can be a challenge, though a clear leader has emerged in the last several years. Custom screen printing is the process of passing ink through a mesh screen which has been stretched across a screen. When a design stencil is used, colors are transferred onto the custom work shirts wherever the stencil has left the fabric unblocked. This process, called “serigraphy,” is ideal for producing smaller batches of custom shirts cheap.

Here are our five best reasons for choosing to screen print custom work shirts instead of using iron-on transfers, direct-to-garment printing, or expensive embroidery.

  1. Cost. Screen printing is an extremely cost effective method for printing custom work shirts, especially when only small batches are needed. Printers can re-use pallets and screens, saving on the cost of materials. However, costs can add up when large batches are needed, since screen printing is done one at a time, and often by hand.
  2. High-ROI Advertisement. Custom work shirts essentially act as low-cost advertisement. They are viewed by large quantities of prospective customers and cost significantly less than television spots, billboards, or internet marketing.
  3. High Quality. Custom screen printing allows customers to bring creative, custom designs to life without distortion to text or images. While other methods often result in images that appear washed out and worn out over time, screen printing produces high quality images that don’t lose their vibrancy.
  4. Versatility. Screen printing can be performed on more than just custom work shirts. Images can also be transferred to jackets, bags, hats, and more. Because of the low cost of the screen printing process, these items can often be sold at a profit to customers and utilized as further advertisement.
  5. Durability. Screen printed custom work shirts are tough and sturdy. Even when designs are exposed to multiple washes, they do not wear or lose vibrancy. As such, the make excellent investments for companies interested in outfitting their employees for any length of time.

Screen printing is a highly effective, eco-friendly option for organizations looking to outfit their employees in high-quality, low-cost uniforms. Luckily, there are plenty of printers available to help you get started. Get it touch with one today to get your employees looking organized and sharp.

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