The Homeowners Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors – Infomax Global

It is not advisable to allow dirt or other debris to collect in these spaces. The floors of every home are different and some need to be cleaned differently. Although hiring a professional floor cleaner may be an option, it’s not always the best option. You can perform the task yourself with the correct guidance. Read the article below for tips on how best to maintain hardwood flooring.

In the beginning, you should sweep or vacuum the floor. Use a vacuum only if it has a solid floor setting. Otherwise, the brush roll of most vacuums can scratch your floor using the bristles that are hard. These wheels are far more effective at preventing scratches on floors.

The next step is to mop the floor. The mop should not be wet too much. The mop should be lightly dampened, then drained thoroughly. Letting water sit over the wood’s surface may end up damaging the wood. This is true especially for pre-finished floors, which might allow water to get into the floor.

The 3rd, and one of the most under-appreciated steps is revitalizing the floor. To protect and enhance its appearance, it should be cleaned thorough. It is essential to apply it to match the pattern of the wood. owyw85ni8j.

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