The New Dawn of the Pajama Party Footed Pajamas for Adults

Adult pajama onesie

The gilded age of the pajama party has only just begun. No longer a relic of childhood soirees, the glorious advent of footed pajamas for adults has ushered in new opportunities to expand your social circle while making waves in the fashion field at the same time.
When you are the proud owner of adult onesie pajamas, bedtime suddenly becomes a runway affair. You want to show that bad boy off. While 84% of Americans have said that sharing a bed with someone else doesn’t affect what they choose to wear to bed, your partner is sure to appreciate the svelte figure and fuzzy finish of some solid footed pajamas for adults. No more frigid feet or stubbly legs to ruin the ambiance; no more wondering which ragged t-shirt to pair with those mud-stained shorts. The onesie is an all-in-one couture design.
But perhaps the nightly rendezvous with your partner doesn’t feel like enough. In your adult footed pj, you feel like Aphrodite, like Mr. Universe. You could break the hearts of a million lovers with just one glance. You want the world to see you in your most perfect form. Like cleanliness, footed pajamas are next to godliness.
Why restrict yourself to the secluded cell of your bedroom? Why sigh every night, wondering what the world might look like if all we adults were to parade in our pajama onesies? Wonder no more. Throw a pajama party.
There’s no limit to the possibilities, and no reason to withhold your ambition. The world’s largest footed pajama party took place in Austin, Texas during 2012’s South By Southwest Festival. Over 300 attendees donned footed pajamas for adults and took the fashion world by storm.
Planning your own pajama party requires passion more than forethought. Hors d’oeuvres need be no more than finger foods; guests can simply wipe away the mess on their fleece. A dress code is self-explanatory. Invitations, however, should be sent out well in advance to allow shipping time for those 45% of the population who prefer to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends online.
As a host, you don’t want to outshine your guests. Choose a flattering flannel or polka-dot pattern for yourself; leave the tiger-tails and zebra-stripes to your life-of-the-party guests. Keep plenty of loose-packed feather pillows on hand to settle debates. Chocolate chip cookies complement a warm milk nightcap. Allow time for bedtime stories, but budget your blankets to encourage sharing.
Your adult pajama party can be an event for the ages, one to delight even your fiercest frenemies. The true trick is to let the magic of the onesie work for itself.

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