What Is the CDCs School Health Index? – Greg’s Health Journal

The cdcs school health index The most distinctive aspect of the SHI is that it is able to be adapted to the particular priorities and requirements of communities or schools. The SHI is a basic collection of elements which all schools are able to use and it includes optional modules that schools can concentrate on issues related to health that are that are of particular concern to the general public.

An institution that is situated in an area of high asthma rates might include the Asthma module in the SHI Assessment. It asks questions about the asthma policy of the school, including whether inhalers are available and whether there are factors that trigger asthma, such as smoke and pollen. The course will help the school to have a better understanding of asthma-related procedures and policies as well as identify areas where improvement could be made.

Schools are able to use the SHI alongside these modules. It’s also feasible for schools to examine the policy and practice of different non-school organizations that offer programs for students such as afterschool programs, home health centers, and afterschool programs. Through collaboration with these agencies to finish the SHI schools will be able to ensure that students can access a continuous and dependable network of health-related facilities and services in and outside of the school.


The SHI also focuses on cultural competence and equity. The SHI includes a set of inquiries designed to gauge the degree to which the school promotes fairness and is meeting the demands of all students regardless of their race social class, ethnicity and other aspects. The private school’s office staff is able to use SHI to assess these issues.

For instance, the SHI asks about accessibility of interpreters and translator services for students who use languages other than English along with the existence of material and resources in languages other than English. Schools may be able to address these issues.


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