What to Expect From a Hail Damage Inspection – Andre Blog

that can damage your roof. But hail can harm your roof, car, and your house. After a hail storm will require an inspection of hail damage to find out the level of damage caused due to the hail storm. Keep reading to learn more about inspections for hail damage.

First thing that the inspectors will do once they reach your residence is to walk through the home together with you. They look over elevations elevation like insurance companies would conduct it.

They’ll inspect your house for damage from hail, too. This could include damaged decks or fences and other outdoor structures.

If the exterior inspection is done, the inspector will then climb on your roof. The inspector will draw a square of 10×10 feet for determining how significant hail damage is. In general, finding the presence of 10 or more hail impacts inside a 10-foot-by-10-foot square is a sign that repairs are required.

For more information about what is expected during a hail damage inspection, go to the above video!


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