What You Don’t Know About Sheets That May Make Your Sleep More (or Less) Comfortable

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The average person spends at least one third of their life in bed. That means that you probably more time with your bedding than all of the rest of your furniture. At least 48% of American adults say they never get enough sleep. Fewer than 24% actually try to do anything about the situation. For women, the emphasis for getting better sleep is to make the sleeping area more comfortable. Nearly half of all women try to get better bedding and a better mattress to improve their sleep. Less than 40% of men do any of that. From using organic sheet sets to getting sheets with a better quality of thread, there are things you can do to make your sleeping area more comfortable and conducive to a good night’s sleep.

More Information About Sheets:

  • What is the thread count anyway? Consumers have been practically trained to ask for a high thread count in their sheets. Sheets with higher and higher thread counts have almost become the Holy Grail of sheet shopping. The number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of sheet is called the thread count. some say that sheets with higher thread counts are softer and of better quality. This really is little more than a marketing scheme. If you are looking for the best quality sheets, you are better served by asking for a better quality of thread. You can get a number of kinds of cotton that you can buy. If you are looking for quality cotton, you need to ask about the fiber length. The longer the fiber of cotton, the better the quality. When you are looking for the best organic sheet sets, you should still ask about the cotton fiber length to get the best quality.
  • When you are looking at sheets, you should know what kind of cotton you like. Knowing what kinds of fabric you like most starts with knowing what the different kinds of cotton are:
    • Percale is a woven very closely. It is used for sheets and is perfect for summer sleeping. It is considered to feel crisp and cool against the skin, which is why it is so great to sleep on during the summer.
    • Sateen is similar to percale but the weave of the cotton is more like satin. The satin weave structure of the fabric gives it a glossy look. It is warmer than percale.
    • Jersey is a fabric that is used mainly for clothing. It is considered to be a t-shirt fabric but has been used for sheets as well. It is very soft and stretchy.
    • Flannel fabrics are considered to be warm and fuzzy. They make for great sheets in colder climates and in the winter. They are made from the same fabric as flannel clothing is made from.
    • Be careful when you are buying organic sheet sets. When sheets are labeled “organic” all that means is that the fabric was produced organically. When buying organic sheet sets, you want to know that the fabric was also processed without the use of any chemicals that are toxic. Make sure any organic sheet sets you buy are Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex is the independent testing system for textiles. This is also a certification system. To be certain that your sheets are actually organic, they will be labeled Oeko-Tex certified. That is the only way you can be sure.
  • Do not buy sheets that are “wrinkle free.” Sheets that has been labeled that, “easy care” or “permanent press” have all been treated with nasty, toxic chemicals to achieve that label. Most commonly, they are treated with a formaldehyde resin. This works because it will not wash out. If you want wrinkle free sheets without ironing, the secret is to remove them from the dryer when they are still warm and just a tiny bit damp. Make your bed with them immediately to get the same effect as ironing.
  • Use the delicate cycle with cool water when you wash any of your bedding. The fibers of bed sheets break down in hot water. Sheets break down easier and faster this way.

Finding the best sheets for you will make a very big difference in the quality of your sleep.


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