Which Body Camera is the Best Bang for Your Buck? – Source and Resource

Our final choice on the list of recommended cameras can be found in the Pile CM9 compact handheld HD camera. This camera is perfect for security guards as well as law enforcement personnel, because they are able to record any evidence that is required. Also, it has the capability of night vision recording with a two-inch LCD, and a speaker. The device also comes with the MicroSD slot that allows sharing of audio recordings using USB.

On our third list, we have our recommendation for the Komarov HD 720p handheld pen camera. The camera is easily put in a pocket in your hand, or pockets on the breast. The button on the top can be conveniently pressed to either start and stop recording. It records crisp videos at 720p resolution and records well in dark environments.

Second in line second is second is the Bravo HD 1080p S mini. It’s great for recording at places that other cameras cannot get to. It’s able to record clear video in total darkness and at close to night-vision distances to 15 feet.

It’s the perfect small surveillance camera that is able to be used for tracking the movements of people or places. Due to its small size, you can conceal the camera at any time. It can also record video for 3 hours on only one cost. While the price of body cameras differs for each one however, they’re all excellent choices.


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