Which Braces are Perfect for You? – Home Town Colorado

There are a variety of options available to straighten teeth by 2022. The best and most reliable method to correct and straighten your teeth is braces with no doubt. But there are a variety of kinds of braces as well! In deciding which braces to use in your mouth, it’s important to study each kind. One type of brace may have more efficacy than the other depending on how your teeth are doing. In the video below, we explain the differences between traditional outside braces and invisible aligners.

Though orthodontics have improved significantly over the simple braces made of stainless steel, they can still be the best choice to realign your teeth. Based on your situation and the age of your patient, treatment could take anything from 12 – 24 months. Second phase usually occurs within the teen years. The second phase is the most complex part of teeth straightening. Invisalign, Iconix braces, as well as metal braces can be utilized. Metal braces are the most efficient. Invisalign comes with an appearance that is transparent and can help take away from embarrassing braces. But, invisalign needs greater maintenance and care.


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