Month: March 2013

  • Three Reasons To Reconsider Shopping Networks On TV

    We have all been there. It is late at night and nothing is on television, except for that shopping network that is selling that wonderful mop, that awesome pair of earrings or that stellar set of kitchen knives. These programs are onto something, since they catch us at our most vulnerable, such as when we […]

  • Why We Watch The Jewelry Shopping Network

    Everyone loves shopping. Even people that say they do not like to shop enjoy shopping in some way, whether it is finding deals at the grocery store or just looking for the right place to have dinner that night. Everyone shops, in some form or another. One way that some outlets have made it easier […]

  • Shopping by telelvision, an American phenomenon

    One of the most interesting phenomena to sprout up in America over the last 50 years has been shopping networks. Surely you know what shopping networks are, they are those television shows (and sometimes television stations) that run for hours and hours, selling all sorts of different items that are always “one of a kind” […]