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Furnish Your Home With Timeless Class and Elegance

Written by Direct Shopping Network on February 6, 2014. Posted in Designers chairs, Ghost chairs, Ghost chairs for sale

Ghost chairs for sale

Do you love classic furniture with a touch of modernity? Then you will probably love the classic furniture that you can find from many designer furniture retailers. From the Eames Lounge Chair, to Ghost Chairs, to Noguchi coffee tables, you can find elegant, classy, modern chic pieces at high end furniture stores.

Many people buy Eames Lounge Chairs and ottomans to decorate their office or home with a sophisticated blend of black leather and molded plywood. The chair was first created by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller Furniture Company to provide comfort, as well as style, to any setting.

What to Do When You Want Camouflage Apparel

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Camo swimwear

For the most part, camouflage uses the elements of color and pattern to disguise the wearer. Interestingly, military camouflage first became popular among the United States Military in World War I, but today, there are camo baby bedding sets, camo formal dresses, and even pink camo jackets people can buy and wear on a regular basis.

Recently, the United States Congress passed a $106 billion emergency war-spending bill to provide 70,000 camouflage uniforms for troops in Afghanistan. In the desert, military camouflage consists mainly of shades of tan and patterns that are similar to the natural surroundings.

In 1942, Grant Wood and Jacques Villon created patterns that were widely used for camouflage by

Don’t Let Your Strapping Hold You Back from Going Green

Written by Direct Shopping Network on February 6, 2014. Posted in Bag straps, Cam buckle, Metal buckle

Webbing straps

Recent years have brought an increased focus on sustainability by every industry. As companies make important changes to improve their eco-friendly profiles, many are forgetting one minor change that could make a world of difference. Packages secured with plastic strapping represent an often overlooked opportunity to improve sustainability. When stretch wrap and steel strapping aren’t needed for their full-enclosure protection or strength, plastic is an ideal option, thanks to its ease of disposal.

Types of Plastic Strapping

There are two major types of plastic strapping that are popular for use in this sector. Polypropylene strapping, the more cost-effective option for light-duty applications, is one option, and polyester s