Month: July 2016

  • Is There Any Protection From EMF Dangers?

    We have come to rely so completely on our cell phones and computers that it is nearly impossible to give them up. Yet they are a source of EMF radiation that has been linked or numerous health and behavioral problems. Most people are unaware of EMF dangers even though they may have experienced the symptoms […]

  • The Top 3 Benefits of Renting Linens From For a Wedding Reception From Linen

    Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be both expensive and time consuming, but did you know that it doesn’t even have to be that way? While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning one of the most important days of your life, it can be hard to crawl out of […]

  • The Convenience of Custom Private Jet Travel

    Do you travel a lot for work? Are you tired of spending many hours of your life waiting, boarding and transferring planes? You probably spend more hours during travel than you actually do during work time in your other destination. All of those hours are wasted and could have been spent working, sightseeing or spending […]

  • Make a Difference for People and the Environment — Charitable Clothing Donations

    Are you one of millions of Americans who are clothing aficionados? Every day, a large amount of clothes are bought in the country, and they go a long way towards satisfying the tastes and interests of those people who like trying new clothes and making a fashion statement on a daily basis. But, have you […]

  • A Look Through Donald Trump’s Promises of Charitable Donations

    Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, promised helping families in need through millions of dollars in charity donations. It turns out, ever, that the Trump estate recipient turned TV personality turned politician actually gave only less than $10,000… over a seven year period. According to The Washington Post, Trump gave $1 million to a veteran’s charity organization. […]