A Look Through Donald Trump’s Promises of Charitable Donations

Donating clothing to charity

Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, promised helping families in need through millions of dollars in charity donations. It turns out, ever, that the Trump estate recipient turned TV personality turned politician actually gave only less than $10,000… over a seven year period.

According to The Washington Post, Trump gave $1 million to a veteran’s charity organization. How kind of him. Over the last 15 years, however, Trump promised to donate earnings from Trump Vodka, a Trump-written book, “The Apprentice,” another Trump-written book… all of those donations if he had homered them would have amounted to more than $8 million.

Trump has donated $0 since 2009.

Trump still claims that he has given away millions privately but won’t release his tax returns. Researchers found that despite Trump enjoying promising charity donations, he rarely came through on those promises over the years.

“I am acting as an agent for charities,” said Trump in 1989 as he promoted his new game, Trump: The Game. He projected the game would deliver $20 million in charity donations.

The proceeds — $880,000 — went into Trump’s bank account before making it to his newly created charity organization.

“Are you asking me whether or not I took the check and endorsed it over to a charity?” Trump asked in 1991 while on the witness stand. “Who would ever do that?”

Over a five-year period, Trump, who promised to donate the homeless, multiple-sclerosis research, AIDS charities, and veterans, gave a total of $143,7000 that was distributed throughout those four charities. In 2013 alone, Stanley Druckenmiller, the person ranked just behind Trump on Forbes’s list of net worth, gave $120 million to charity.

Not everyone has billions of dollars to justify maybe giving away thousands of dollars… but there are other things we all can do to help out more than some celebrities claim to be helping. The equivalent of billionaires giving a couple thousand to a charity is almost as if normal middle-class workers gave a handful of pennies to charity.

So if we can’t make large cash donations, clothing donations can still go a long way to help those in need. Rather than filling landfills with textiles and ruining the environment, donate clothes so less fortunate people can wear them.

If you happen to inherit a chain of hotels, start a TV show and then run for president with your billions of dollars, maybe then you can give a few more bucks to charity. Helpful info also found here.

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