A Look Through Donald Trump’s Promises of Charitable Donations

Written by Direct Shopping Network on July 5, 2016. Posted in Donations for military families, Military charities, Used clothing pick up

Donating clothing to charity

Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, promised helping families in need through millions of dollars in charity donations. It turns out, ever, that the Trump estate recipient turned TV personality turned politician actually gave only less than $10,000… over a seven year period.

According to The Washington Post, Trump gave $1 million to a veteran’s charity organization. How kind of him. Over the last 15 years, however, Trump promised to donate earnings from Trump Vodka, a Trump-written book, “The Apprentice,” another Trump-written book… all of those donations if he had homered them would have amounted to more than $8 million.

Trump has donated $0 since 2009.