A Unique Wedding Ceremony Send Off Idea, Smokeless Sparklers

Smokeless sparklers

Summer is finally here and wedding season is now upon us. Many couples choose to get married in the summer and the early fall seasons. The weather is warmer and much more predictable and guests enjoy being outdoors. Many couples choose to incorporate the outdoors into either their wedding ceremony or their reception, utilizing the warmer weather of the season. There are many unique things that a couple can do to incorporate summer weather and the fun of summer into their wedding. One particular idea is that of a wedding sparkler. Wedding sparklers remind people of summer and of the Fourth of July. They are known as a celebratory tool and they are fun to use and exciting to look at. Wedding sparklers are a great item for couples to incorporate into their wedding days.

With wedding sparklers, you have three different sizes and burn times to choose from. You can choose the 10 and 20 inch sparklers that last for two and a half minutes or the 36 inch sparklers that will last for almost four minutes. The desired length of burn time will depend entirely on the couples plan for usage of the sparklers. Additionally, 20 inch sparklers will burn quicker, while 36 inch sparklers will last longer for photographs or for a wedding send off.

One of the best uses of smokeless sparklers for a wedding is in the send off. Couples are always looking for unique ways for their guests to send them off at the end of the evening. Rice may be banned at your ceremony location because it leaves a mess and is not necessarily good for the birds. Rose petals can also leave a mess and may be banned at some ceremony locations. Smokeless sparklers are usually an accepted option because the smokeless sparklers do not let off smoke that will set off any smoke alarms. The lack of smoke also provides a healthier option for the guests who are using the sparklers. If you plan to use sparklers during the ceremony or the send off, order enough sparklers for about 75% of guests in attendance, and you should have more than enough.

Just like with any other item used during a wedding, precautions should still be taken with smokeless sparklers. Wedding sparklers can be dangerous to younger children and should really only be handled by an adult. Consider keeping wedding sparklers an adult only affair, and/or make sure the children are under adult supervision at all times, the risk of fireworks injury is two and a half times as high for children aged 10 to 14. A wedding sparkler send off can be an exciting and wonderful event, if the appropriate preparations are made and all children are being properly supervised by an adult at all times. It is also important to purchase quality wedding sparklers. A couple would not want any accidents to occur during their wedding send off. It is never a good idea to skimp or purchase the wedding sparklers for a non reputable place.

Wedding season is in full swing. Couples are looking for unique ways to incorporate the great weather into their days. A great idea is using smokeless sparklers for a wedding ceremony send off. This allows guests to get outdoors and to use something exciting that will also make great photographs. Safety precautions should always be taken when using smokeless sparklers, but when used properly they can make for a great time.


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