6 Tips for the Best Wedding Reception Send Off with Long Lasting Sparklers

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Wedding sparkler send off


If you are having an outdoor wedding reception at night, there are ways to make your send off really special. Using long lasting sparkers can really be a great way to do your send off that it really fun for you and the guests. These will also make your pictures come out amazing. You can get long lasting sparkers that can go for at least 45 seconds. Your options for wedding sparklers can last up to four minutes. Here are some tips to make your sparklers for weddings be really special and make your reception all the more fun and memorable.

  1. Get good quality sparklers. These are not expensive items but you want to

A Unique Wedding Ceremony Send Off Idea, Smokeless Sparklers

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Smokeless sparklers

Summer is finally here and wedding season is now upon us. Many couples choose to get married in the summer and the early fall seasons. The weather is warmer and much more predictable and guests enjoy being outdoors. Many couples choose to incorporate the outdoors into either their wedding ceremony or their reception, utilizing the warmer weather of the season. There are many unique things that a couple can do to incorporate summer weather and the fun of summer into their wedding. One particular idea is that of a wedding sparkler. Wedding sparklers remind people of summer and of the Fourth of July. They are known as a celebratory tool and they are fun to use and exciting to look at. Wedding sparklers are a great item for couples to incorporate into their wedding days.

With wedding sparklers, you have t

Make Your Wedding Send-Off Sparkle

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Long sparklers

Looking to add a spark of magic to your wedding day? Sparklers for weddings are a fantastic way to bring serious glamour to your wedding day send-off. Here’s what you need to know before you buy sparklers for your spectacular wedding sparklers send-off.

  1. An average wedding has about 136 guests in attendance. If you’re planning on using sparklers for a wedding, you’ll want to order enough for 75% of your guests. This way you’ll have plenty to go around without having paid for unused sparklers.
  2. Sparklers for weddings are a sure-fire way to add a touch of magic to the evening. To avoid any mishaps, consider them for “adult only” use. If you plan on having children celebrate in the festivities, be sure there is plenty of supervision, as children between 10 and 14 are two-and-a-half times mo

How to Have the Most Spectacular Send Off on Your Wedding Day

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Wedding sparklers

Sparklers are a great way to celebrate any sort of event. They are relatively safe, fun, turn out well in pictures particularly at night time and can be casual or elegant depending on the type you get. Yes, there are different kinds of sparklers that you can get: anywhere from smoke free sparklers to long lasting sparklers two different sizes.

Sparklers are particularly nice at weddings because of their versatility. First of all let’s look at sizes. You can buy 10 inch, 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers. If you choose to buy sparklers online you will want to go to a store first so that you can judge the size and type before ordering in bulk. Ordering online does not give you the chance