How to Have the Most Spectacular Send Off on Your Wedding Day

Wedding sparklers

Sparklers are a great way to celebrate any sort of event. They are relatively safe, fun, turn out well in pictures particularly at night time and can be casual or elegant depending on the type you get. Yes, there are different kinds of sparklers that you can get: anywhere from smoke free sparklers to long lasting sparklers two different sizes.

Sparklers are particularly nice at weddings because of their versatility. First of all let’s look at sizes. You can buy 10 inch, 20 inch and 36 inch sparklers. If you choose to buy sparklers online you will want to go to a store first so that you can judge the size and type before ordering in bulk. Ordering online does not give you the chance to see how they would match your venue and decor in person.

36 inch sparklers are actually known as wedding sparklers. The reason these are usually bought for weddings is because of the length of time that they burn for. This length of sparkler can burn for almost four and a half minutes which is ideal if you were trying to use them as a wedding sparkler sendoff or something similar. Most 36 inch ones are smoke free sparklers and a very durable and sturdy which makes them safe for guests of all ages.

20 inch sparklers are still known to be sturdy and also can be bought as smoke free sparklers. The sparklers are usually significantly less expensive than the 36 inch sparklers, however, the burn time on a 20 and sparkler is only one and a half minutes. It would be quite embarrassing to have a sparkler sendoff line and have all the sparklers at the end of the line go out before the bride and groom have made their exit! The average wedding now is almost 140 guests and chances are most of them will want to send you off to your new life so making your way down that send off-line may take a few minutes.

There are 10 inch sparklers available but with a 30 second burn time, there really is not much point in looking further into them for the purpose of this article. The 20 inch sparklers are cutting it close so the 10 inch sparkler would probably not be suitable for a wedding unless they were only needed for pictures or general fun.

Ensure that the sparklers you buy are indeed smoke free sparklers. There would really be nothing worse than all of your guests standing up to send you off a midst a swirl of smoke and coughing and wheezing. Smoke free sparklers are your best bet for an elegant event such as a wedding or a cocktail party or something like that.

A sparkler sendoff is a fantastic idea because:

  1. It is inexpensive ? with all that you are paying for on your wedding day and possibly a few days before and after with brunches and rehearsal dinner and what not, you don’t want any added expenses.
  2. It is not messy ? confetti and rice always makes a huge mess for the cleanup crew but if you provide a safe trashcan specifically for used sparklers, your guests can help the cleanup just a little bit by throwing away their own sparkle and when finished.
  3. They show up great in pictures ? usually the sendoff happens outside at night time or at least partially outside after the reception. This can sometimes make it difficult for the photographer to properly capture the send off but sparklers for help to enhance the lighting enough to help out the photographer somewhat.

    Deciding on a sparkler really comes down to the length of time that it will burn for and the price. Use those two main factors to determine with sparkler would be in your wedding’s best interest. Whether you choose the 20 inch or the 36 inch, or even the 10 inch sparklers, you are making the right choice by going with sparklers at all! Everyone is bound to enjoy them and they look great!

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