Make Your Wedding as Unique as Your Relationship Fun Ways to Make Your Special Day Stand Out

Smoke free sparklers

Your wedding should be a reflection and a celebration of your relationship and the future ahead of you and your spouse. However, sometimes the unique factor can get out of hand. Exotic animals and gymnasts may be perfect for some couples, but if that’s not your style, then you’ve got to find another way. Believe it or not, sparklers may be the little bit of pizzazz you’ve been searching for!

Try spicing up your cake

One of the central pieces to any wedding is the cake. And while you shouldn’t take the above advice literally, there are ways to make your cake look fun and fresh. For instance, you could buy sparklers to light on the platter around the cake. The shorter the sparkler, the faster it will burn out, so for this particular tip, shorter sparklers are better. After all, you want to be able to have your cake and eat it, too!

Take your floral arrangements to the next level

Placing long sparklers in a small floral arrangement can provide a shining sendoff gift for all of your guests, as well as light up your wedding reception. Using sparklers like this may be better done in an outdoor setting, but the idea of sparkler party favors inside small floral arrangements is enough to make any bride blush.

Light up your wedding photos

The day of your wedding will be memorable for the rest of your life, but there’s nothing like looking back on beautiful pictures as a happy reminder. And what better way to light up an evening ceremony than long lasting sparklers for your guests to hold? Most sparklers over 20 inches are good for this, but 36 inch sparklers can last up for four minutes, which allows the photographer to capture all of those unforgettable moments.

If you buy sparklers for weddings, you’re guaranteed to be in for the night of a lifetime. No matter how you decide to use these unique touches, they’ll light up your special day like nothing else!

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