6 Tips for the Best Wedding Reception Send Off with Long Lasting Sparklers

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Wedding sparkler send off


If you are having an outdoor wedding reception at night, there are ways to make your send off really special. Using long lasting sparkers can really be a great way to do your send off that it really fun for you and the guests. These will also make your pictures come out amazing. You can get long lasting sparkers that can go for at least 45 seconds. Your options for wedding sparklers can last up to four minutes. Here are some tips to make your sparklers for weddings be really special and make your reception all the more fun and memorable.

  1. Get good quality sparklers. These are not expensive items but you want to

Make Your Wedding as Unique as Your Relationship Fun Ways to Make Your Special Day Stand Out

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Smoke free sparklers

Your wedding should be a reflection and a celebration of your relationship and the future ahead of you and your spouse. However, sometimes the unique factor can get out of hand. Exotic animals and gymnasts may be perfect for some couples, but if that’s not your style, then you’ve got to find another way. Believe it or not, sparklers may be the little bit of pizzazz you’ve been searching for!

Try spicing up your cake

One of the central pieces to any wedding is the cake. And while you shouldn’t take the above advice literally, there are ways to make your cake look fun and fresh. For instance, you could buy sparklers to light on the platter around the cake. The shorter the sparkler, the faster it will burn out, so for this particular tip, shorter sparklers are better. After all, yo

Make Your Wedding Send-Off Sparkle

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Long sparklers

Looking to add a spark of magic to your wedding day? Sparklers for weddings are a fantastic way to bring serious glamour to your wedding day send-off. Here’s what you need to know before you buy sparklers for your spectacular wedding sparklers send-off.

  1. An average wedding has about 136 guests in attendance. If you’re planning on using sparklers for a wedding, you’ll want to order enough for 75% of your guests. This way you’ll have plenty to go around without having paid for unused sparklers.
  2. Sparklers for weddings are a sure-fire way to add a touch of magic to the evening. To avoid any mishaps, consider them for “adult only” use. If you plan on having children celebrate in the festivities, be sure there is plenty of supervision, as children between 10 and 14 are two-and-a-half times mo