6 Tips for the Best Wedding Reception Send Off with Long Lasting Sparklers

Wedding sparkler send off


If you are having an outdoor wedding reception at night, there are ways to make your send off really special. Using long lasting sparkers can really be a great way to do your send off that it really fun for you and the guests. These will also make your pictures come out amazing. You can get long lasting sparkers that can go for at least 45 seconds. Your options for wedding sparklers can last up to four minutes. Here are some tips to make your sparklers for weddings be really special and make your reception all the more fun and memorable.

  1. Get good quality sparklers. These are not expensive items but you want to make sure they burn the way they are supposed to. You need to decide how long you want them to burn. As was mentioned, there are longer sparklers that burn for longer periods of time. You need to make sure the sparklers you get for your wedding reception are easy to light and will not malfunction or just be duds.
  2. Have someone control all of the sparklers. Whether you have long lasting sparkers or ones that only burn a short amount of time, there will be some timing issues that need to be worked out to use the quality wedding sparklers. You should have one person who will be responsible for handing out the sparklers and making sure they are lit at the right time. This person will also have to be lined up in the right place so that you and your new spouse can walk by the people holding the long lasting sparklers as you pass by to get the best photos and video of your send off. They will need to work with your photographer and videographer to get the best shots and capture the fun and beauty of the sparklers.
  3. Keep everyone safe. Small children should not be allowed to play with or handle the sparklers. Long lasting sparklers look great for weddings and are fairly safe but they can still burn people’s skin or start a fire if they are not handled correctly. You need to have the person who is coordinating the distribution of your sparklers make sure they are not given to small children. For children from the ages of 10 to 14, the risk of injury from fireworks is two and a half times what it is for adults. If you want to have wire sparklers at your wedding receptions, you do not want to ruin the event and fun with a fire or bad injury so just be careful.
  4. Buy the right amount of long lasting sparklers and lighters. You will be safe if you buy enough sparklers so that at least 75% of your guests have one. Remember that people often leave before the end of your wedding reception. If you are not sure how many to get, get more than you think you need. You will be able to use any unused sparklers later on for something.
  5. Give the guests a heads up. If you want your wedding reception send off with sparklers to go well, your guests need to be told what the plan is. You may want to write out instructions or make an announcement about what you hope to have happen at the end of your wedding reception. You can always enlist the help of your DJ. They can give your attendees the cue for when they should light their sparklers.
  6. Do not rush your exit. The long lasting sparklers you have bought for your guests to hold as you make your get away will allow you to walk by everyone. You should take your time to give your photographer and your videographer the chance to get the best images and video. Of you and your spouse walking by. Sparklers are fun but the reason people usually have them at their weddings is to get images and video of their guests holding them.

Getting long lasting sparklers for your send off from you wedding reception adds fun and whimsy to the event and your pictures and video will be as amazing as the day itself.


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