Make Your Wedding Send-Off Sparkle

Long sparklers

Looking to add a spark of magic to your wedding day? Sparklers for weddings are a fantastic way to bring serious glamour to your wedding day send-off. Here’s what you need to know before you buy sparklers for your spectacular wedding sparklers send-off.

  1. An average wedding has about 136 guests in attendance. If you’re planning on using sparklers for a wedding, you’ll want to order enough for 75% of your guests. This way you’ll have plenty to go around without having paid for unused sparklers.
  2. Sparklers for weddings are a sure-fire way to add a touch of magic to the evening. To avoid any mishaps, consider them for “adult only” use. If you plan on having children celebrate in the festivities, be sure there is plenty of supervision, as children between 10 and 14 are two-and-a-half times more likely to be injured in a firework incident.
  3. Before buying sparklers online, consider all the variations of sparklers available: wire sparklers, smoke free or smokeless sparklers, long lasting sparklers — there are so many to choose from. A traditional sparkler may only last up to 45 seconds; the recommend sparklers for weddings is a 20- to 36-inch sparkler. These sizes provide enough of a handle for guests to hold safely. They also burn longer: two-and-a-half minutes for the 20-inch sparkler and nearly four minutes for the 36-inch sparkler.
  4. One of the most popular features of using sparklers for weddings is all the amazing colors they come in! Ivory and white are by far the popular choice for a wedding as they are chosen by 44% of couples. However, you may also choose to use a variety that matches your wedding accent colors.
  5. The months of June and October host the most weddings typically and account for 15% and 14% of all weddings, respectively. Can you think of a better wedding send-off on a warm summer night or a cool autumn eve than using sparklers for your wedding?

As you plan for your special day, plan to buy quality wedding sparklers to give your wedding send-off that special spark or magic.

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